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John Tredennick became a lawyer to help people solve difficult problems. He started a technology company for the same reason. Back in the nineties, he could see that digital content was exploding and that lawyers would need new ways to manage discovery. So he formed an e-discovery technology company called Catalyst as a spin out from my law firm. Over the next two decades, Tredennick’s team built one of the most powerful and scalable web-based discovery platforms on the market, which Catalyst hosted in five secure data centers across the globe. Ultimately, Catalyst grew to over 180 people.

In this third chapter, Tredennick.Law stands ready to help good people solve hard but interesting problems. Tredennick is known as both a problem solver and an idea person.

  • Technology Assisted Review

  • Electronic Discovery Strategy

  • Litigation and Compliance Workflow

  • Mediation and Special Master Services

  • Multi-Party and Cross-Border Electronic Discovery

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Tredennick.Law works out of both Denver Colorado and Rye New Hampshire (Boston metro area). It serves companies and their counsel in the U.S., Asia Pacific and Australasia


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