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Technology Assisted Review

At Catalyst, Tredennick and his team pioneered the development of continuous active learning—rather than one-time training. It proved to be the most efficient and effective way to do Technology Assisted Review and is now the industry standard."

Tredennick created and wrote the book on this important subject: TAR for Smart People: How it Works and Why it Matters. He can assist with TAR strategy, validation, vendor selection, training and support.

compliance Workflow

Tredennick began designing compliance workflow systems for major companies back in the nineties, when he was still a corner-office law partner. He designed and hosted claims management, ad and timeshare review and reinsurance file sharing systems for major companies.

Workflow systems have become increasingly important as companies and legal departments try to do more with less. Tredennick can field a team of developers to provide custom workflow for almost any need.

Special Master and mediator

After stints in New York and a judicial clerkship, Tredennick spent more than twenty years in the trenches trying cases and doing discovery. He then spent another twenty years building e-discovery technology and running a world-wide team of legal and technology professionals.

Tredennick’s unique combination of skills and experience—and his ability to speak both legal and tech—makes Tredennick a natural choice for Special Master or Mediator for complex discovery.

Cross-Border Litigation

Catalyst has been supporting cross-border discovery and litigation since 2006 when it released one of the first discovery platforms optimized for the challenging CJK languages. Tredennick led this charge building a Tokyo team backed by employees in Seoul and Hong Kong.

Asian discovery presents a number of unique challenges including mastering GDPR and the new data protection laws. Tredennick has the experience to help you navigate the Asian and EU waters.

Discovery Strategy

Commercial trial lawyers spend most of their time doing discovery, that’s just a fact of life. Tredennick did his share and wrote and supplemented one of the leading books on deposition strategy. He has also written countless articles on e-discovery strategy and technology.

Tredennick brings practical experience, common sense and technical know-how to the table. He believes that a good discovery strategy starts with a good trial strategy and your opening statement.

Legal-Technology Strategy

Tredennick spent over twenty years building a successful and profitable international software company from idea to execution. During that time he handled everything from vision and strategy to design and execution. From specifications to marketing and sales, Tredennick did it all.

Starting or growing a legal-technology business is tough in this crowded and demanding market. If your company needs help with strategy, positioning or product vision, Tredennick can help.